Only 7 seats left for Zivkovic summer academy and festival in Vienna 2020

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ZISAMP 2020 is taking place as scheduled  in AUGUST 23-29th in VIENNA. 
So far 26 students applied from 16 countries.
We have 7 more spots free, and than are totally full.
DEADLINE prologued until JUNE 29th.

Marimba, timpani, snare drum percussion duo  excellent deal for only 400€
6 full days with concerts, lectures, master classes, exibition sheet music, mallets,  
and  each partitipants has 5 lessons during the academy!

Lot of events have been cancelled or went “digital” …
We go LIVE and REAL and  FULL range. orchestral timpani, milkov and Zivkovic marimbas, three percussion duos, Snare drum,  Film music, –  you name it.  plus, it is in the centrum of VIENNA 🙂

Apply online here:

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