guatemalan marimba

here is a 5.6 non-chromatic guatemalan marimba.

has anyone here ever played one like this. i’m curious what it sounds like with a wood i have never even heard of (hormigo) and wooden resonators. stuff keeps popping up on ebay like this and i am wondering that since the rest of us “learned” from the guatemalan traditions through people like vida and leigh… have they learned from the innovations that america, europe, and japan have produced since… when it comes to making, much less playing marimba. any thoughts…

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Top 10 Favorite Marimba Pieces

Hi Everyone –

I agree with Chris that this board has been dead for the last couple of weeks. Lets see if we can get back into the swing of things.

Everyone please list your top 10 favorite marimba pieces. Its cool if you only feel like listing 5 instead of 10 solos. Hopefully this will lead to some great discussions and exposure to great marimba repertoire.

Here are my Top 10 Favorite Marimba Pieces as of 10/03.

1. Mirage – Seuyoshi
2. Reflections on the Nature of Water – Druckman
3. Convergence I – Taira
4. After Syrinx II – Bennett
5. Etudes for Marimba, Book 1 – Stout
6. Preludes 1-3 for Marimba – Helble
7. Time for Marimba – Miki
8. Merlin for Marimba – Thomas
9. Velocities – Schwantner
10. Autumn Island – Reynolds

*Runner up – Variations on Japanese Children’s Songs by Keiko Abe *

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Hi, I’m doing a research paper, and need to find some
answers. Why is it so difficult to find advanced keyboard
percussion sheet music? Where can I buy mallet music? How
come when I tell people I play the marimba they don’t
know what I’m talking about, especially when it’s so
closely related to the piano? Who are some professional
mallet players? How come you can’t walk into a normal
everyday music store and find a marimba, xylophone, or
vibraphone sitting in the store? How come you have tospecial order it?
Well, please email me if you have some answers to my questions. Thanks!

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Marimba Literature?

Hey folks,

Well, as the summer approaches I was wondering if someone could recommend some marimba (or vibraphone..or xylophone…) literature of the beginning to mid college level. I recently finished learning the Leigh Howard Stevens arrangement of Tchaikovosky’s "Sweet Dreams", and am looking for some music to take to Governor’s School this summer. Four mallet music is preferable, but if you’ve got a sweet two mallet piece, I’d love to know 🙂 Thanks a lot!


PS: New message board is *very* nice… hopefully this will spur activity to be on par with Vibenet. 😉

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