Nat Sakimura
Nat Sakimura, the Webmaster was started in 1996 to help people find the musical instrument, Marimba. The principal reason for creating such a site was the difficulty in finding relevant information in search engines: when you searched for marimba, you got a lot of information about Marimba Inc., a computer software related company. This annoyed me and prompted me to obtain the “” domain name (Marimba Inc. had and open this site before the “Marimba Inc.” related organization took it. This actually worked. In a few years, if you search “marimba” in Google, comes at the top of the list, before So, it indeed served the original purpose.

Since then, a lot of landscape change happened. To name a few, Wikipedia, Facebook, etc. and I kind of abandoned the site and just kept it as an archive since 2012.

It was only a couple of days ago that I decided to update the site: when I finally upgraded the server that I run the site, the site stopped working, so I had to transfer the data to a new platform. It is now on a modern platform and I suppose it is easy enough to be used on a smartphone as well.

This kind of site needs a lot of cooperation from its users. I thank those people who send me articles and update concert schedules; please continue to do so. Any people who want to help with this site are welcome. I hope this site proves to be useful for those people interested in the marimba.

July. 14, 2019

Nat Sakimura