Daniel Berg

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“Daniel Berg was born 1971 in Stockholm, Sweden. He graduated, May 2000, and received a soloist diploma from Musikhogskolan, (the University College of Music) in Gothenburg. With this Daniel is the first student in Sweden who has graduated with the marimba as a solo instrument. Previously he has studied at the Music Conservatory in Rotterdam, Holland, where he received a soloist diploma 1997. His main teachers during the studying years have been Anders Astrand, Einar Nielsen and Robert van Sice.

Today, Daniel is teaching the marimba in the University College of Music in Gothenburg, and is frequently invited to the Nordic Music Conservatories as a guest teacher.

In his passion to promote the marimba as a solo instrument, Daniel has worked intimately with a number of composers, mainly Swedish, who have written original music for the instrument. Earlier this year, he performed with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and played for the first time a marimba-concerto composed by Anders Nilsson.

Daniel has made several recordings for the Swedish radio and television, and has recently finished the recording of a solo CD, which will be released in December 00.

Email: daniel.berg@hem.utfors.se (Added 2002.05.03)”

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