Mie Saito

Biographical Info

Entered Kunitachi College of Music in 1988. Received scholarship from “Yasuda Seimei – Quality of Life Zaidan”. On graduation, she received prestigeous “”Takeoka Prize””. Received Masters degree from the College in 1994.
She studied percussion with Tomoyuki Okada, marimba with Junko Shibata and Akiko Suzuki, Timpani with Peter Sonderman.
Received “Award of Excellence” at the 8th Percussion Rookie’s Concert. Received the Gran Prix on the 10th Nihon Kan-dagakki Concours (Japan Brass and Percussion Competition) Percussion division. Gave concerts in Berlin, Sofia, Taipei, Seoul, Denmark etc. as a member of the “Percussion Ensemble OKADA of Japan”.
In 1994, she gave the “Saito Mie Percussion Recital – Sound Pazzle -“, and subsequently, “Saito Mie Marimba Concert – Wind from the Galia – “, etc. Also appeared in “Marimba Alive! vol.3” with Junko Sakimura.
Currently, actively playing as a solo marimbist as well as an ensemble member in chamber music and orchestra. Member of the Miracle Percussion Ensemble. (Last Modified 1998.5.6)

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