Biographical Info

“Momoko KAMIYA is a graduate of Juliard Music School and the winner of the 1995 Luxemburg International Percussion Competition, Marimba section.
Since 1990, she is giving the recital series “”Kamiya Momoko Marimba Recital – Oto * Sorekara (Sound – and then…)””. She has also played with Yomiuri Nihon Symphony Orchestra, Nagoya Philharmony Orchestra, etc. Has appeard in such programs like “”NHK FM Recital””, “”Best of Classics (NHK FM)”” etc. Her CD includes “”Childrens of Dyonisis (Dyonisia)””, “”Marimba Coctail (Phillips)””, “”Arabesque (Phillips)””. She is currently actively playing mainly as solo marimbist.
Apart from giving performances, she also teaches at Senzoku Gakuen University, Okinawa Kenritsu Geijutsu University, Aichi Kenritsu Geijutsu University. (Last Modified 1998.5.6)”

Categories: Marimbist, Players