Biographical Info

Gergely Nagy, Yamaha marimba artist, was born in 1974, in Miskolc, Hungary, as a third child of a musician couple. He started his percussion studies at the age of 14 with an excellent Polish teacher, in Thessaloniki, Greece.

He graduated in the Music College in Karlsruhe and in the Music Academy in Stuttgart. He specialized to marimba in those years. In 2000 for the invitation of Prof. Abe Keiko, world famous marimba artist, he spent 1 year in Tokyo as a scholar. Today he is teacher in the Music School of Stuttgart.

Gergely Nagy has concerts regularly in European countries (France, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary) and his name is known in Egypt and Japan as well. (Added 2004.9.5)

Categories: Marimbist, Players