1st Annual Quey Percussion Duo Composition Contest Winners Announced

[b]1st Place Winner[/b]
?In The History of Man? Ben Wahlund (Aurora, IL)
Instrumentation – Marimba and Drum Set

[b]2nd Place Winner[/b]
?Travelogue? Alphonse Izzo (Branford, CT)
Instrumentation – Marimba Duo

[b]Honorable Mention[/b]
?Prelude and Episode for Percussion Duo? Ken Shorley (Nova Scotia, Canada)
?Ball Bearings? David Werfelman (Appleton, WI)


(In no particular order)

?Round and Round? Gordon Williamson (Copenhagen, Denmark)

?Pieces for Quey? Matthew James Briggs (Bloomington, IN)

?Verve and Patter? Jon Poepke (Lufkin, TX)

?Queued, Cross, You Nip? J.C. Lowe (Kimberling City, MD)

?Sinopia? Cecilia Pattiz (New York, NY)

?The Forest Floor? Karl Warner (Simsbury, CT)

?The Chill of Autumn? Timothy A. Helisek (Northridge, CA)

?The Feast of Kings and Martyrs? Jonathan Little (Surrey, England)

?Percussion Duo? Pat Rozsa (Budapest Hungary)

?She Walks Burning Bright? Jessica Rudman (West Hartford, CT)

?The Trap Door? David Hertzberg (Sherman Oaks, CA)

?Feet on Fire? Svitlana Azarova (The Hague, Holland)

?Spectrum: All in two? Alisher Latif-zade (Brooklyn, NY)

?Ifilegia? Luigi Morleo (Bari, Italy)

?Tabah-tabuhan? Stuart Hinds (Lubbock, TX)

?Shall I compare thee??? Michael John Mollo (Cincinnati, OH)

?Reflections in the Rain? Luca Vanneschi (Montepulicano, Italy)

?Overlooked?Declared World?s Oldest? James E. Holdman (Minneapolis, MN)

?Two Pieces for Percussion Duo? Randall Bauer (Princeton, NJ)

?Extrem? Shigeru Kan-no (Hilgenroth, Germany)

?Chamber-Invention for 2 metal percussions? Shigeru Kan-no (Hilgenroth, Germany)

?Hypnotize? Brian Wilshere (UK)

?The Autumn Sky? Ulf Grahn (Takoma Park, MD)

?Darkness? Francesc Teixido Ponce (Barcelona, Spain)

?702? Dwiani Indraningsri (Indonesia)

?Shrouded Lake, Adirondacks? Richard Johnson (West Hartford, CT)

?Trading Threes and Sixes? Alan Schmitz (Cedar Falls, IA)

?JMLBMOJH?? Claudio Parodi (Italy)

?Confrontation? Victoria Griffitt (Derky, KS)

?Jump and Jump? Jeong Yeon Lee (Okemos, MI)

?12 Variations on a Dodecahedron? Jocelyn Ho (Australia)

?Drifting Leaves? Tsai Tun Huan (Urbana, IL)

?Leaping Lizards? Aaron Einbond (Berkeley, CA)

?A Study in 8ths? Justin Tokke (NY, NY)

?White Elephant? Sarah O? Halloran (Cork, Ireland)

?Gait? Hyekyung Lee (Columbus, OH)

?The Great Valley? Paul Epstein (Huntington Valley, PA)

?Percussion Suite? Matsuhito Ogino (Bloomington, IN)

?Motor Mallet Music? Douglas Ovens (Allentown, PA)

?Serial Box? Benjamin Fraley (West Hartford, CT)

?Dialogue for Two Percussionists? William Alexander (Edinboro, PA)

?Percussion Songs? Armand Russell (Santa Rosa, CA)

?Omens? Armand Russell (Santa Rosa, CA)

?Spiral Dance? Scott Roberts (Martin, TN)

?Football? Steve Bathory-Peeler (Northfield, MA)

?Eschering? Massimo Grazioto (Buccinasco, Italy)

?Sonatina for Marimba and Bass Marimba? John J. Lucania (Holmdel, NJ)

?Velocity? Joseph DeRaad (Big Bar, CA)

?Bacteriophage phi-x174? Marc Jensen (Minneapolis, MN)

?Doppelganger? Casey Congelosi (Boston, MA)

?I Meant You Have Blue Eyes? J. Anthony Allen (Minneapolis, MN)

?Flood? David Heuser (San Antonio, TX)

?Contemplations Beneath the Surface? Brian Baxter (Bloomington, IL)

?Feeling Feathers? Dmitry Kormann (Birmingham, UK)

?Stick Dance? Micky Landau (Vina del Mor, Chile)

?First Deconstruction (in Plastic)? John Kennedy (Santa Fe, NM)

?Ligneus Musica? Nathan Wright Shirley (Charlotte, NC)

?Duo for Ruth? Joshua Oxford (Ithaca, NY)

?Life and Death of a Small Fish? David Heetderks (Ann Arbor, MI)

?Hokey-Cokey? Amy Whitwam (Huddersfield, England)

?Summer Night Fantasy? Pin Hsin Lin (Baltimore, MD)

?Percusion? Alex Shor (Oak Ridge, TN)

?Oracion Afro-Cubano? Andrian Pertour (Australia)

?Spiralling Chains? David Charles Martin (London, UK)

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