First edition: March 2-11, 2007- BELGIUM
Guest lecturer & artistic director: Ludwig Albert
Coordinator Chin-Cheng Lin

[b]The course:[/b]
The first edition of the annual ?Keiko Abe International marimba academy- Belgium? will be placed during
March 2007. This academy is open for intermediate, advanced & professional marimba-players solo &
duo. A full week of practising, individual lessons marimba solo & duo, master classes and chamber
music. Competition training will be included for candidates of the Universal marimba competition-
Belgium, August 2007. Selected participants will perform during the closing public concert on March 10,
in the academic hall. The course offers to participate as an active performing participant or as a passive
observer participant. Each active participant should prepare at least one work from Keiko Abe & two
extra free chosen works.
Full week program contains:
– Daily individual lessons & master classes.
– Chamber music sessions (marimba duo,- trio & ?ensemble).
– Master classes on technique, sound improvement, musicality, performing attitudes, analysis,
technical & mental exercises, movement, competition training & advices?
– Daily recitals by participants & Public concert by selected students and lecturers.

[b]Schedule academy 2007:[/b]
– March 2 : arrival + evening dinner
– March3&4 : individual lessons
– March 5 : individual lessons & master class Keiko Abe
– March 6 : individual lessons & master class Keiko Abe
– March 7 : individual lessons & master class Keiko Abe
– March 8 : individual lessons & master class Keiko Abe
– March 9 : individual lessons & master class Keiko Abe
– March 10 : individual lessons & master class Keiko Abe
Public concert/academic hall: Marimba Fantasy – March 10, 20h00.
Tickets: Tel +32-11/693990, fax +32-11/701800, E-mail:

[b]Course fee & application:[/b]
Course fee is 450 Euro (active) 250 Euro (passive)
Application deadline is December 1st,2007.
The application is only valid if you:
1. Fill in your application form (
2. Pay your deposit of registration fee.
A limited of participants is allowed. Applications are admitted on a ?first come-first served? basis. The
date of application is when both of the above requirements are fulfilled before December 1st 2006.
After application all candidates will receive further information in January 2007.
– All candidates & guests will remain in Hotel Cicindria, located at the same area as the academic hall.
Single & double rooms are available between 70 & 100 euro/ a night.
Hotel Cicindria, Abdijstraat 6, 3800 Sint-Truiden, Tel: +32-(0)11-681344, fax +32-(0)11-674138
Email:, website:
Reservation forms for the hotel will be provided to all participants after registration.

Along with the application a non returnable deposit of 150 EURO for the course registration has to be
paid al last at December 1, 2006 by bank transfer. (It is required to transfer net 150 euro excluding transfer-cost)
This deposit will be subtracted from the total course fee. You need to pay the resting amount by arrival.
BANK information: branch – Argenta Bank NV / Accountholder: Marimba-Projects vzw
Addresse: B.Heymansplein 7, 3581 Beverlo-Belgium
Account-number: 979-9596266-61
Swift-code: ARSPBE22 / Iban-number: BE62-9799-5962-6661
Address bank: B.Heymansplein 6, 3581 Beverlo-Belgium
Reference: Keiko Abe academy + your name


The academic hall is a beautiful historical wooden concert-hall offering the best acoustic quality and is hosting many important projects,
recordings, concerts and events such as the prestigious International marimba competition. It is located at the site of the Benedictin abbey
in the centre of the city Sint-Truiden. Nearby you will find the shopping streets and a central square with many restaurants presenting the
best gastronomy of the Belgian kitchen. City Sint-Truiden with its medieval history and surrounded by beautiful fruit orchards and cherry
blossoms is surely a place to be for a wonderful holiday.

[b]Application form:[/b]
Name and surname:
Date of Birth: Nationality:
City: Postcode:
Phone & fax:
Profession: student / teacher / professional – grade:
Participation: active / passive
Prepared compositions – solo and / or duo:
Name & email of teacher:
Address & e-mail of university or music-school:
Yes: I agree to stay in hotel Cicindria and will send my reservation form to hotel Cicindria after I received
the reservation form.
Hotel Cicindria, Abdijstraat 6, 3800 Sint-Truiden, Tel: +32-(0)11-681344, fax +32-(0)11-674138
Email:, website:
A) 1 person/a night: Single standard room 70 euro, Single Business room 80 euro, de Luxe double room 1 person 85 euro.
B) 2 persons/a night: standard double room 95 euro, de Luxe double room 100 euro.
I will travel: ? alone, ? with 2 persons
? I agree the organisation advices and inform me a participant to share a double room with.
Date / signature
Please send back this document before 1 December 2006,
Marimba-Projects vzw, Burg.Heymansplein 7, 3581 Beverlo
Fax : +32-11/348735, email:
Along with this application you should transfer a deposit of 150 Euro verified with your name before the deadline 15 December 2006. (This
deposit will be subtracted from the total course fee)
After registration you will receive a reservation form for the hotel- accommodation.

[b]KEIKO ABE- Japan[/b]
It is almost impossible to describe the unique qualities of this incredible artist in such short space.
She belongs to the absolute top tier of modern marimba music, both as a performer and composer,
and has almost single-handedly developed the marimba into a consummate concert instrument.
Keiko Abe has reached her position as a world class musician thanks to a rare combination
of passionate artistry and virtuosic technique. She commands an overwhelming repertoire, and
appears regularly throughout the world in performances of solo concertos, chamber music, and
improvisations at international festivals. As Professor of Music at the Toho Gakuan School of Music,
Tokyo and at Soai College, she is also in demand as a guest lecturer and teacher. She has given
more than 90 master-classes in the leading music conservatories in North America, Central
America, Europe and Asia since 1977. In addition, she has recorded extensively releasing more
than 30 LP and CD recordings since 1962 on the Columbia, Denon, Wergo, Bis, Forte and Xebec
record labels. She has performed the world premiere of over 180 marimba compositions and has
received numerous awards, including induction into the Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame in
1993. Keiko Abe?s marimba compositions have become standards of the marimba repertoire. They
may be heard in recitals by marimbists all over the world. Many modern composers have also dedicated
new works to her, and she has inspired and premiered countless new commissioned compositions.
By both pioneering new technical skills and expanding the literature, she has transformed
what was once considered a primitive ?folk? instrument into a full-fledged classical concert instrument
welcome in any of the most prestigious concert halls. As first lady of the marimba, she is a
source of inspiration for the next generation of marimbists.

[b]Ludwig Albert-Belgium[/b]
Internationally highly acclaimed, Ludwig Albert has released 7 label albums, showered wit several
tittles. His repertory exists mainly of own works, arrangements, improvisations and first recordings
of masterworks by significant composers such as Ms. Keiko Abe. He developed a style of his own
due to unique musical combinations all evoking a fascinating world. Since 2000 his career extends
receiving invitations worldwide for performances in concerts & master classes at prestigious festivals
and universities. After his graduation he studied with Keiko Abe and has been performing
afterwards with her several concert-productions. He is professor marimba at the Belgian Royal
Conservatory in Antwerp and holds a position as guest-professor at the Universidad Nacional del
Artes in Chiapas-Mexico. He founded and is related as artistic director to the prestigious ?Universal
marimba competition Belgium?, his summer academy, the ?International Keiko Abe academy? and as
president of the P.A.S chapter Belgium. As Yamaha endorsing artist he performs always on the
Yamaha 6000 concert marimba and astonishes his audience by his unique warm sound and as a
world premi?re by playing the marimba with 8 mallets. Well known as an outstanding lyrical performer,
he received several awards such as the percussion award of honour 2001 and is praised by
international press reviews with critics such as: extra ordinary clarity, excellent marimbist of the
new generation, this is music of the purest water, his sounds penetrates in the hearts so naturally,
He succeeds in giving the listener a view of the marimba?s prowess as a lyrical instrument and diminishing
its reputation being only a novelty instrument , impressing! the overall excellence and
superb musicianship of LA, ??.. Ludwig Albert represents Yamaha Corporation Europe,
Innovative percussion USA & Beurskens music editions NL.

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