Facebook group for All Marimba Players

Hello to all Members,
I am the founder of the Marimba Player‘s group on facebook. Please let me post a few words to you…

Thank you for joining „All Marimba Players“ Group on facebook. I am very happy to see a lot of marimba players worldwide.

In the following lines I post some things you can do to grow up the facebook Marimba community.


What the Members should do…

1. Post all Events you know regarding Marimba Playing around the globe. (Concerts, Festivals, Courses and Masterclasses, Competitions and so on…)

2. Upload Fotos and Videos from you playing your instrument in concert or while practicing

3. Discuss with others about interesting themes.
(CD Releases, Concerts, Repertoire, Competitions and Masterclasses, Music Scores and compositions, Manufacturers and building Marimbas and everything else related to Marimba.

4. MAKE PROMOTION for “All Marimba Players” with your friends and collegues to grow this group.


Thank you once more for joining „All Marimba Players“ on facebook.

Warmest regards from Salzburg

All Marimba Players who would liko to apply for the Masterclass in Salzburg (July 2010) with Prof. Peter Sadlo and Prof. Bogdan Bacanu – please get in contact with us via email and we will let you know how the application process works easy.
email: classicconcert@me.com
click also the “Events” button at “All Marimba Players”


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If you have any questions please get in contact with classicconcert@me.com

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