Deagan No 40 Marimba

Im in the market to sell my Deagan Marimba. It is a 4 octave with rosewood bars that are in excellent condition. The unit has been closet kept for nearly 20 years, and its time to let it go. The resonators are in very good condition. The frame exhibits some slight peeling, nothing major and hard to avoid considering that this is a 70 year old instrument. Everything is original and intact; nothing has been done to it except a light dusting for the sake of taking pictures. The item is quite large and currently assembled, so I would like to complete this sale within the next month. Im asking $3600 for this piece, but would be willing to consider very reasonable offers after enough time has passed. I am located in West Virginia, close to the Ohio border, and would prefer for the marimba to be picked up as its going to be a nightmare to ship, and quite expensive as well. I will consider shipping, but would be much happier if some type of pickup or meeting could be arranged as opposed to having to pack the marimba into 10 different boxes and take it to the UPS store. Anyone seriously interested can reach me at 304-927-1925, usually between noon and 9 pm or so. I am usually outside, so if you dont reach me, please do try again, as I will be home at some point throughout any given day. I have a million pictures of the item, as well as video which I would be happy to email to anyone who wants a close look at this piece. My email is if anyone would prefer to contact me in that fashion. Thanks.

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