Marimba Alive! vol.1

[New Album] Marimba Alive! vol.1

This new album is the 1994 recording of Junko Sakimura recital at Von Kuster Hall in London, Ontario. The majority of the program is mostly modern Japanese repertoire such as Mayuzumi and Yuyama.

Among them, Mayuzumi’s concertino is one of the rare instances of a Japanese player playing this distinctly Japanese piece. This is especially evident in the introduction of the second movement where Kumi Miyagawa’s piano expresses a uniquely Japanese rhythm.

  • Marimba: Junko Sakimura
  • Saxophone: James Kalyn
  • Piano: Kumi Miyagawa


  1. Akira Miyoshi: Conversation
    1. Tender Talk
    2. So nice it was … repeatedly …
    3. Lingering Chagrin
    4. Again the Hazy Answer
    5. A lame Excuse
  2. Toshiro Mayuzumi: Concertino for Xylophone
    1. Allegro Vivache
    2. Adagietto
    3. Presto
  3. Keiko Abe: Dream of Cherry Blossoms
  4. Peter Tanner: Sonata for Marimba and Piano
    1. Allegro con brio
    2. Andante Sostenuto
    3. Molto Vivace
  5. Akira Yuyama: Divertimento for Alto Saxophone
  6. Antonin Dvorak: From the new world

The album can be obtained from Apple Music, Google Play, etc.

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