The Central Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra of Beijing US Debut with Feng Yu

Scheduled Concerts & Events
Carnegie hall: Stern Auditorum/Perelman Stage, New York City, New York, USA Map

Carnegie Hall: Stern Auditorium/Perelman StageNew York City, New York, United States
On Friday 13 December 2019 at 20:00


Jia Guoping (b. 1963)Ling Lai (Listen to the Sounds of Nature)
Qin Wenchen (b. 1966)The Cloud River, Concerto for Sheng and Orchestra
Hao WeiyaThe Dream of Peony Pavilion, for Bamboo Flute and Orchestra
Ye Xiaogang (b. 1955)The Backyard of the Village (2019)
Tang Jianping (b. 1955)Cang Cai, for Marimba and Orchestra
Chen DanbuSleeve Dagger and Warriors, Pipa Concerto
Chang PingBlack Light
Guo Wenjing (b. 1956)Chou Kong Shan (“Sorrowful, Desolate Mountain”)


Yu FengConductor
Central Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra of Beijing
Zhang QiangPipa
Dai YaBamboo flute
Fan LinfengBamboo flute
Zhang JingliMarimba
Zheng YangSheng

The Central Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra of Beijing is proud to make its United States debut at New York’s iconic concert venue, Carnegie Hall. Feng Yu, the internationally renowned maestro who also serves as President of the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM), conducts the concert also in his Carnegie Hall debut. The program includes compositions by eight of China’s most distinguished living composers, all professors at CCOM. It features an astounding six United States premieres with several works starring soloists performing on traditional Chinese instruments. All eight composers bring Chinese traditions to symphonic forms. The performance, presented by MidAmerica Productions, is the second in a series of concerts featuring prominent works by CCOM professors, following a January 2018 Lincoln Center performance of world premieres.

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