Universal Marimba Competition Belgium 2007- 3rd Edition

Dear Marimba Player’s,

We would like to inform you that the details about the Universal Marimba Competition Belgium 2007 (for solo and duo marimba) will be online in the end of August 2006!
Please feel free to navigate around on www.marimbacompetition.com

Anders Loguin/ SW (President of Jury)
Ludwig Albert / BE (Artistic Director)
Keiko Abe / JP (Honourable Jury)
David Friedman / DE
Michael Udow ./ USA
Frederic Macarez / FR
Leo Ouderits / BE

If you have any other questions, please don

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First Keiko Abe International Marimba Academy 2007

First edition: March 2-11, 2007- BELGIUM
Guest lecturer & artistic director: Ludwig Albert
Coordinator Chin-Cheng Lin

It is almost impossible to describe the unique qualities of this incredible artist in such short space.
She belongs to the absolute top tier of modern marimba music, both as a performer and composer,
and has almost single-handedly developed the marimba into a consummate concert instrument.
Keiko Abe has reached her position as a world class musician thanks to a rare combination
of passionate artistry and virtuosic technique. She commands an overwhelming repertoire, and
appears regularly throughout the world in performances of solo concertos, chamber music, and
improvisations at international festivals. As Professor of Music at the Toho Gakuan School of Music,
Tokyo and at Soai College, she is also in demand as a guest lecturer and teacher. She has given
more than 90 master-classes in the leading music conservatories in North America, Central
America, Europe and Asia since 1977. In addition, she has recorded extensively releasing more
than 30 LP and CD recordings since 1962 on the Columbia, Denon, Wergo, Bis, Forte and Xebec
record labels. She has performed the world premiere of over 180 marimba compositions and has
received numerous awards, including induction into the Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame in
1993. Keiko Abe

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