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“Ludwig Albert graduated with distinctions at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Antwerp, Belgium and obtained a first prize for percussion with Prof.L.Cauberghs.
After his study as musician and pedagogue , he cooperated with several orchestra’s and teached at the Conservatory and the State School for art in Antwerp.
In 1993 he specialised in solo-marimba and recieved with distinctions the Honours Diplome of solo-marimba (prof.L.Ouderits) and participated several International Masterclasses( R.von Sice , Michael Roosen…) In 1994 , he was the first Belgian marimbist admitted to the Toho Gakuen Music School in Japan and studied with the world-famous marimba-virtuoso Ms.Keiko Abe.
Afterwards he was invited to perform with her in Japan and Belgium.

Starting 1995 he searched for new sound-combinations and founded the duo marimba-soprano, nowadays called Patrasche , embellished with percussion . By this combination of singing and marimba , they developed a style of their own , performing own compositions (L.Albert), creations, arrangements of songs and improvisations based on International traditional folksongs. Their musical combination evokes a fascinating world. For their first album “”Japanese Impressions”” ( label Digi-classics) they recieved International outstanding critics by press and media and they were guest of several
special dedicated radio-broadcastings. During 1996-97 , they performed abroad and were invited to perform several concerts in Japan. Afterwards they performed succesfully the INternational Concert-production “”Dialogue in Nature “” with Keiko Abe.
Starting 2000 they will release new albums with mainly improvisations, creations and arrangements of Belgian and European folksongs.

Aside his various marimba-recitals he’s working intensively to promote the marimba as a solo-concertinstrument and is organising several marimba-projects. During 1996 he recieved the Europalia Cultural award , which has given him the possibility to continue his collaboration with Keiko Abe.
Recently he founded the first Belgian Marimba Society with mainly the purpose to increase the knowledge of the marimba and to organise several events.

In recent Years , aside performing and composing , he’s working intensively to commission new pieces by Belgian composers. During 1999-2000 he will produce several new CD-albums in different musical styles by the label Talent Records, also to introduce the marimba to a general audience.
-The Dancing Marimba (own classical arrangements May 99′)
-Marimba Freeze (techno Jazz, new-age July 99′)
-Marimba Paraphrases ( masterworks for solo&duo marimba dec.99′)
He will also publish a serial of his compositions , arrangements and a marimba-methode .

During 1999-2000 he will perform aside solo-concerts several new
-Wooden Conversation (with Kamiya Momoko,Shinsuke Ishihara-Japan)
-Dialogue in Nature (with Keiko Abe)
-Marimba Sounds (new CD-collection)
-Japanese Impressions (trio Patrasche-Japanese folksongs)
-Clanck & Sanck (trio Patrache – Belgian folksongs and creations)
-Het Quamen drij Coninghen (Patrache – Christmas songs)
-concert for children (Patrasche)
(Added 1999.4.11)”

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