Re:Re:Reflection on the Nature of Water

Percussive Notes, August 2002
Percussive Notes, June 2003
Percussive Notes, October 1997

Also, from the PAS Members Forum Errata Section:

A further updated compilation of errata for the Boosey & Hawkes edition of Jacob Druckman’s Reflections on the Nature of Water.

I, m. 36, upper stave (3rd beat) – missing quarter-note rest

I, m. 37, both staves (entire measure) – tremolo

III, m. 11, lower stave (1st beat) – extend 16th beam to C

III, m. 17, lower stave (1st beat) – extend 16th beam to C

III, m. 25 (5th-7th eighth notes) – all 32nds, not 16ths

IV, m. 23, lower stave (last 16th note) – E, not Eb (missing natural sign)

IV, m. 43, upper stave (first beat) – A and C, not F and A

IV, m. 47, upper stave (last note) – G and C#, not G and D#

VI, m. 10, lower stave (3rd beat) – B, not Bb (missing natural sign)

VI, m. 10, (3rd beat) – all 32nds, not 16ths

VI, m. 16, lower stave (last 8th note) – B, not Bb (missing natural sign)


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