Vintage Instruments For Sale In KC

Dear community: A Prominent Kansas City Percussionist is selling several quality instruments from his private inventory! Please visit the LINKS BELOW (Will take you to the instrument postings at Craigslist in Kansas City. If the LINKS do NOT work, please go to, and do a Search For each item under the Musical Instruments category.). Questions/info. requests most welcome via the Craigslist REPLY function. THANKS for your interest!!! -KCMarimba

1. Vintage Musser Professional 4-octave Rosewood Concert Marimba: $3,000.00

2. Late-60s Vintage Musser M50 Professional Rosewood Xylophone with Custom High-C#: $2,0000

3. RARE Vintage Pair of Ludwig Portable Orchestral Timpani(Tympani): $1,000, OBO

4. Stunning Noble & Cooley 7 x 14 1-piece Maple Snare: $500.00

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