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ALL Titles are usable, ranging in condition from FAIR to NEXT TO NEW, with the majority in at least GOOD condition, some include markings/notes for teaching and performance purposes. Note that some Titles include multiple copies.

SERIOUS inquiries only, please. REPLY VIA THIS SITE (Be sure to include your basic contact info. for follow-up purposes) with any questions you may have, and to schedule an appointment to check out this wonderful Percussion Resource Music & Resource Library!!!

Snare Drum – 78 Titles: $180
1. Musical Studies for the Intermediate Snare Drummer; Garwood Whaley (2 copies)
2. Stick Control for the Snare Drummer; George Lawrence Stone (3 copies)
3. Southern Special Drum Solos; William J. Schinstine (2 copies)
4. Snare Drum Method Book 2, Intermediate; Vic Firth (2 copies)
5. Adventures in Solo Drumming; William J. Schinstine
6. 14 Modern Contest Solos; John S. Pratt
7. Podemski¡Çs Standard Snare Drum Method; Benjamin Podemski
8. Modern Rudimental Swing Solos for the Advanced Drummer; Chas. Wilcoxon (2 copies)
9. Snare Drum Etudes, Book III; Joe Homquist
10. The Noble Snare V. 2; multiple
11. Reading Exercises for Snare Drum, Book 2; Bob Tilles
12. Portraits in Rhythm Study Guide, Vol. 1, Anthony J. Cirone
13. Snare Drum for beginners; Morris Goldenberg
14. The Solo Snare Drummer; Vic Firth
15. Alfred¡Çs Drum Method, Book 1; Sandy Feldstein and Dave Black
16. Portraits in Rhythm; Anthony J. Cirone
17. Initium 1; Jacques Delecluse
18. Initium 2; Jacques Delecluse
19. Variations of Drumming; Ralph C. Pace
20. Develop Sight Reading; G. Dufresne
21. Reading Exercises for snare Drum, Book 1; Bob Tilles
22. Rubank Intermediate Method Drums; Robert W. Buggert
23. Rubank Advanced Method Drums; Harvey S. Whistler (2 copies)
24. Here¡Çs the Drum; Emil Sholle
25. Basic Drum Method; Wm. J. Schinstine and Fred A. Hoey
26. Practical Percussion Studies for Advanced Drummers; Bob Tilles
27. Master Drum Reader; Sam Ulano
28. Rhythmic Patterns of Contemporary Music; Garwood Whaley and Joseph M. Mooney
29. Drum Method; Rudimenal and ¡ÈSwing; Charley Wilcoxon
30. Artificial Technique; Joel Rothman
31. Quarter Note Technique; Joel Rothman
32. Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer; Ted Reed
33. Cossack Patrol; Kenneth Krause
34. Six Allegro Duets for percussion; Michael Colgrass
35. The Crazy Bugle Boy; Kenneth Krause (3 copies)
36. The New Military; Saul Feldstein
37. Pascucci Punch; William J. Schinstine
38. Kjos Library of Solos for Drum
39. Etude in Accents for Solo Snare Drum; Duane Thamm
40. Hi Ho Simpson; Alan Abel
41. The ¡È26¡É; Haskell W. Harr
42. Essay for Snare Drum; Gar Whaley
43. Newgulf Drummer; A.H. Kelly
44. 5/8 Romp for Snare Drum (difficult); Morris Goldenberg
45. Ramble Rumble; Morris Goldenberg
46. Up Front Drum Solos; Harold F. Prentice
47. 2-4-1; William Kraft
48. Six Drum Solos; Harold F. Prentice
49. Drums; Acton E. Ostling
50. Six Unaccompanied Solos for Snare drum; Michael Colgrass
51. Percussion Solos with Piano Accompaniment; Victor DiStefano
52. EZ Method for Drum Bells and Xylophone, Self Instruction and Teacher¡Çs Use
53. Drum Along; Haskell Harr and Forrest Buchtel
54. Keep on Drumming; Haskell Harr and Forrest Buchtel (2 copies ea. of Drum solo Book and Piano Acc. Book)
55. Just for Counting; Igar Hudadoff
56. Progressive Etudes for Snare Drum, Book 2; Robert W. Buggert
57. Portraits in Rhythm; Anthony J. Cirone
58. The Band Musician, Book 1; A. D¡ÇAuberge and M. Manus
59. Snare Drum Method, Book 1; Vic Firth
60. Snare Drum Method, Book 2; Vic Firth
61. The Solo Snare Drummer; Vic Firth
62. Progressive Studies for the Snare Drum (Book 3); Carl e. Gardner
63. Progressive Studies for the Snare Drum (Book 4); Carl E. Gardner
64. The Solo Drummer; Ernest E. Harris
65. Reading by Recognition; Joseph Leavitt
66. The Ludwig Drum Method
67. Three R¡Çs for Snare Drum (Book 1); Acton E. Ostling
68. 15 Diversions for the Snare Drum; Les Parks
69. The Logical Approach to the Snare Drum (Vol. 1); Phil Perkins
70. The Logical Approach to the Snare Drum (Vol. 2); Phil Perkins
71. Play at First Sight; Murray Houllif and John O. Pinto
Snare Drum Duets
72. Intermediate Duets for Snare Drum; Garwood Whaley (3 copies)
73. Four hands a-round, Easy Canons; William J. Schinstine
74. Four hands a-round, Advanced Canons; William J. Schinstine
75. I and Thou; Joel Rothman
76. Alfred¡Çs Beginning Snare Drum Duets; Sandy Feldstein and Dave Black
77. Mel Bay¡Çs Drummin¡Ç Duets; William Schinstine and Fred Hoey
78. Snare Drum Duets for Intermediate Players; Murray Houllif

Drum Set – 51 Titles: $125
1. Charles Perry¡Çs Introduction to the Drum Set, Vol 1; Charles Perry (5 copies)
2. Coordination Patterns with Eighth-Notes; Joel Rothman
3. Rock Reader; Joel Rothman
4. The Hand-Foot Reader; Joel Rothman
5. Four-way Independence for rock drumming; Joel Rothman
6. Beats and Variations for Dance Band Drummers; Joel Rothman
7. Shuffle Rock; Joel Rothman
8. A Quartet of Recipes around the Drums; Joel Rothman
9. Modern Rock Breaks with Bass Kicks; Joel Rothman
10. Reading with Jazz Interpretation for all drummers; Joel Rothman
11. Recipes with Paradiddles Around the Drums; Joel Rothman
12. Recipes with Special Stickings around the Drums; Joel Rothman
13. Recipes with Doubles around the Drums; Joel Rothman
14. Foot Control; Roy Harte (2 copies)
15. Soul on Bass; Joel Rothman
16. Beyond the Rockin¡Ç Bass; Charles Perry and John Lombardo (2 copies)
17. Realistic Double Fee; Carmine Appice
18. Drum Manuscript; Joel Rothman (3 copies)
19. Reading and Rolling in Cut Time; Joel Rothman
20. Fun with Triplets!!!; Joel Rothman
21. Oddly Enough; Joel Rothman
22. Alfred¡Çs Beginning Drumset Method; Sandy Feldstein and Dave Black (2 copies)
23. Drum Set Music; Roy Burns and Saul Feldstein
24. Solo Studies; Dennis G. Rogers
25. Drumset Reading; Ron Fink
26. Realistic Rock; Carmine Appice
27. Solo Studies for Drum Set; Dennis G. Rogers
28. The Drummer¡Çs Cook Book; John Pickering
29. The Rock and Roll Bible of Co-ordination for True Believers; Joel Rothman (2 copies)
30. Charley Wilcoxon Drumming plus Hummin¡Ç a Tune!; Charley Wilcoxon
31. The Sound of Brushes; Ed Thigpen
32. Siwe¡Çs Tweed; Sheldon Elias
33. Battere; Siegfried Fink
34. Drum Arrangements; Joel Rothman
35. Artistry in Creative Drumming; William Zickos
36. Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer; Jim Chapin
37. Mini-Monster Book of Rock Drumming; Joel Rothman
38. The Updated Realistic Rock Drum Method; Carmine Appice
39. The Funk & Soulful Sound; Dr. J.C. Combs
40. How to Play Rock ¡Æn¡Ç Roll Drums; Palmer-Hughes
41. No. 1 Soul Drums; Paul Humphrey
42. Drum Solos and Fill-ins for the Progressive Drummer; Ted Reed
43. Advanced Rock and Roll Drumming; Roy Burns
44. Get Your Fills Together; Sonny Igoe
45. Mel Bay¡Çs Studio/Jazz Drum Cookbook; John Pickering
46. Compiles Drum Set Works; Dennis G. Rogers
47. Quadra Funk; Dennis Rogers
48. Rock Duo; Murray Houllif
49. Suite for 3 Drumsets; Shelly Elias
50. The Musical Drummer; Louis Bellson
51. Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer Vol. 2, Independence the ¡ÈOpen End¡É; Jim Chapin

Multiple Percussion – 40 Titles: $100
1. Studies in Solo Percussion; Morris Goldenberg (2 copies)
2. March for Two Drums; Morris Goldenberg
3. The Worried Drummer; Adolph Schreiner
4. Percussion Solos with Piano Acc.; Victor DiStefano
5. Cymbal Solo with Piano Acc.; E. L. Masoner
6. Music for Percussion, Bass Drum solo No. 1; Paul Price
7. Music for Percussion, Bass Drum solo No. 2; Paul Price
8. Music for Percussion, Bass Drum solo No. 3; Paul Price
9. Music for Percussion, Bass Drum solo No. 4; Paul Price
10. Slavic Danse; Al Payson
11. Contemporary Courante; Al Payson
12. Sonata No. 1 for Percussion soloist; James L. Moore
13. Adventures for One; Robert Stern
14. French Suite for Percussion; William Kraft
15. Sonata for Percussion and Piano; Armand Russell
16. Rhythms of Latin-America; Fabian Andre and Ramon Marquez
17. Bossa Nova and other Latin-American Rhythms; Jucato
18. 45 Basic Bongo Beats; Henry Adler
19. Progressive Steps to Bongo and Conga Drum Technique; Ted Reed
20. The Derabucca; Halim El-Dabh
21. RotoTom Technique; Vic Firth
22. Contest Concerto No. 1; George Frock
23. Concert Etude; George Frock
24. The Tympercussionist; William Schinstine
25. Une histoire de Peau d¡ÇAne, percussion and piano; Yvonne Desportes
26. Conversation; Dean Witten
27. XL Plus One; Alvin Etler
28. Solos for the Percussion Player, w/ piano; ed. John O¡ÇReilly
29. Etude for Metal Idiophones; William J. Schinstine
30. Spanish Dance; Thomas L. Davis
31. Elementary Percussion Solos Book 1; Roy Burns and Saul (Sandy) Feldstein (10 copies)
32. Intermediate Percussion Solos Book 1; Roy Burns and Saul (Sandy) Feldstein (5 copies)
33. Advanced Percussion Solos Book 1; Roy Burns and Saul (Sandy) Feldstein
34. Multiple Percussion Music; Saul Feldstein (3 copies)
35. Multi-Pitch Rhythm Studies for Drums; Ron Delp
36. Solos for the Percussion Player, w/ piano; ed. John O¡ÇReilly
37. Scherzo a Due; Wm Kraft;
Multi-perc with other instruments
38. Four Sea Fragments for Clarinet and (1) percussion; Frazeur
39. Double Concerto for 2 percussion and orchestra; Cirone (perc parts, full score, and piano reduction)
40. Concerto for Perc and Chamber Orc; Milhaud [perc w piano reduction]

Timpani – 23 Titles: $60
1. Suite for the solo Timpanist; Scott Huston
2. Sonata for three unaccompanied timpani; Phillip Ramey
3. Solo Dialogue for Four Timpani, Three Tom-toms; Stanley Leonard
4. The Solo Timpanist, 26 Etudes; Vic Firth (2 copies)
5. Eight Pieces for four timpani; Elliot Carter
6. Recitative for Improvisation; Elliot Carter
7. Sonata; Daniel Jones
8. Konzert, op. 34; Werner Tharichen
9. Sonata; Alexander Tcherepnin
10. Modern Method for Tympani; Saul Goodman
11. Timpani Tuning Exercises, Book 1; Bob Tilles
12. Percusson Excerpts from Standard Orchestral Repertoire, Book 4; Beethoven
13. 20th Century Orchestra Studies for Timpani; Alan Abel
14. Tall Tale for Tympani, Contest Tympani; William J. Schinstine
15. Three Keys, Timpani Solo w/ Piano; Saul Feldstein
16. Changing Moods; Vic Firth
17. Tympolero, for tympani and piano; William J. Schinstine
18. Suite for Timpani; Richard Peterson
19. The Developing Solo Timpanist; William J. Schinstine
20. Timpani Student, A Method for Individual Instruction; Saul Feldstein
21. Basic Tympani Technic; Thomas McMillan (2 copies)
22. Musical Studies for the Intermediate Timpanist; Garwood Whaley
23. Timpani Tuning; Mervin Britton (2 copies)

Mallet Percussion Methods, Solos and Duets – 123 Titles: $280
1. 20th Century Orchestra Studies; Alan Abel
2. Music of the Day (solo Vibes); Bill Molenhof
3. Mirror From Another (Solo Vibes); David Friedman
4. Graded Reading Exercises for Four Mallets; Max Neuhaus
5. New Method of Velocity for Xylo, Marimba, & Vibes; William Strelsin
6. Mallet Student; Saul Feldstein
7. Mallet Technique for Bass and Treble Clef; Sandy Feldstein
8. Mental and Manual Calisthenics; Buster Bailey (2 copies)
9. Complete Method for Rhythmical Articulation; Carl Fischer
10. Mallet Technique; Vic Firth (2 copies)
11. Percussion Keyboard Technic; Thomas McMillan (2 copies)
12. Progress Studies in Double Stops; Albert Payson
13. Rubank Elementary method; Howard Peterson
14. Xylophone and Marimba Method; Florence Schaefer
15. Xylophone Vibraphone Marimba; Emil Sholle
16. Mallet Control; George Lawrence Stone
17. Musical Studies for the Intermediate Mallet Player; Garwood Whaley
18. Primary Handbook for Mallets; Garwood Whaley
19. Multiple Mallet Studies for marimba; Meyer
20. Developing Four Mallet Technique; Holmgren
21. The Mallet Instrument Fundamental Series, Book 1; Howard Peterson
22. Method of Movement for Marimba; Leigh Howard Stevens
23. Bar Percussion Notebook, Vol. 2; Linda Pimentel
24. Studies in Syncopation Rhythm Etudes; Paisner, Huffnagle
25. Southern Special marima Solos; Schinstine
26. A Collection of marimba Solos; Cliff Hulling
27. The Solo Marimbist, Vol 1; Pimentel and Moore
28. Merry Mallet Christmas Favorites; Murray Houllif
29. Contemporary Marimba Solos Books 1-3; Bobby Christian
30. Raggedy Ragtime Rags; Randall Eyles with Piano
31. George Hamilton Green¡Çs Xylophone Rags with Piano
32. 14 Contemporary Etudes; Morris Lang
33. Masterpieces for Marimba; Thomas McMillan (2 copies)
34. Master Works for the Marimba; Clair Musser, Music of Chopin
35. Schubert Unaccompanied Song Studies, transc. by Musser et al
36. Tone-row Exercises; Howard Zwickler
37. Music for Marimba; Donald Knaack
38. Contemporary Solos for Vibraphone and Marimba; Gitta Steiner
39. 21 for Four-Mallet Marima; Paul Yoder
40. The Album for the Young, transc. by Lee Howard Stevens
41. Twenty Bach Chorales for Mallets; Houllif
42. Yellow After the Rain; Mitchell Peters
43. Sea Refractions; Mitchell Peters
44. Etude Op. 6 No. 9; clair Musser
45. Two Chorales; Keith Larson
46. Suite Mexicana; Keith Larson
47. Sonata Xylophone Solo; Pitfield
48. Marimba Dances for Solo marimba; Ross Edwards
49. Music of the Spheres; Larry Solomon
50. Suite no. 1 for Marimba; Eugene Ulrich (two copies)
51. Toccata for Marimba; Emma Lou Diemer
52. Clair de Lune; arr. by Howard Peterson
53. Astral Dance; Gordon Stout
54. Two Mexicn Dances; Gordon Stout
55. Fantasy on Japanese Wood Prints; Hovaness (with piano)
56. For Bells: Gavotte, The Juggler, Andante theme from Syphony no. 94, Starlight, La Spagnola, Hear Them Bells; arr. by Acton Ostling
57. Mallet Soloist with piano; Saul Feldstein
58. Two Archaic Dances; Armand Russell
59. The Quiet Place, Marimba Solo w/ Piano; Ted Frazeur
60. Rondo for Marimba and Piano; Frazeur
61. Concertino for Marimba and Piano; George Frock
62. Andante for Marimba w/ piano; Peter Tanner
63. Recital Suite for marimba w/ Piano; Walter Watson
64. Third handel Sonata for marimba and piano; transc. by Willard Musser et al
65. Adagio Cantabile; arr. by Art Jolliff
66. Introduction and Romp w/ piano; Arthur Frackenpohl
67. Trifolium fur Cembalo und Schlagzeug; Karl Schafer
68. Suite for xylophone and orchestra piano reduction; David Carey
69. Concertino for xylophone and orchestra xylophone and piano; Toshiro Mayuzumi
70. Concerto for marimba and Orchestra, solo w/ piano reduction; Robert Kurka
71. The Vibe Player¡Çs Method; Thomas Brown
72. Introduction to Jazz Vibes; Gary Burton
73. Studies for Vibraphone, Vol. 1; Wolfgang Schluter
74. Solobook for Vibraphone, Book I; Wolfgang Schluter
75. Solobook for Vibraphone, Book II; Wolfgang Schluter
76. Vibraphone Technique dampening and pedaling; David Friedman
77. Metodo per Vibrafono; Torrebruno
78. Mallets in Mind, solos by Tom Brown
79. Solos for the Vibraphone Player; Ian Finkel
80. Recital for Vibraharp; Thomas Davis
81. Vibrafon-Suite; Siegfried Fink
82. Theme from the Polovetsian Dances; arr. by Chappell
83. Waves (for vibraphone); Steve Kastuck
84. Contemplation vibraphone; Murray Houllif
85. Moonchild, vibes; Terry Smith
86. 5 Improvisations for vibraphone and piano; Koji Takeuchi
87. Keyboard harmony; Howard M. Peterson
88. Tonal and Rhythmic Principles; John Mehengan
89. Practical Improvisation; Bob Tilles
90. Mallet Practice Routine; Bob Tilles
91. Music for Marimba, Vol 1; Art Jolliff
92. Contemporary Mallet Method; Jerry Tachoir
93. Modern School for Xylo; Goldenberg (2 copies)
94. The Gardner Modern Method
95. Music for Mallets; Klaus Stahmer
96. Nine Kabalevsky Pieces for 2 Marimbas; transc. by Donald Miller
97. Impression nr. 1 for flute and vibraphone; Siegfried Fink
98. Christmas for Two Mallet Duet ; arr. by Lloyd Conley
99. Beginning Duet Studies; Bob Tilles
100. Musical Studies for the Intermediate Mallet Player; Garwood Whaley (2 copies)
101. Well-Tempered Mallet Studies; Dale Anderson (2 copies)
102. Tunes for Mallet Percussion Technic; Saul Feldstein
103. Mallet Practice Routine; Bob Tilles
104. Music for Marimba, Vol. 3; Art Joulliff (3 copies)
105. Progressive Studies in Double Stops; Albert Payson
106. 23 Easy Etudes; Harry Huffnagle (3 copies)
107. Classic Guitar Recital Book; Leon Block (4 mallets)
108. Klassiek Gitaarspel; Jan Sirks (4 mallets) (5 copies)
109. Im Rhythmus des Ragtime II Mallet Duo; Elisabeth Amandi
110. Danse de la Chevre for Flute Solo (vibes); Arthur Honegger
111. Bach A Minor violin concerto
112. Choralbuch (4 mallets)
113. J.S. Bach four-part Chorales
114. Music for Children; Carl Orff
Duets (2 copies of all)
115. Bach for Bars Book 1; arr. by Faulmann and Wickstrom
116. Bach for Bars Book 2; arr. by Faulmann and Wickstrom
117. 15 Bach Inventions; Morris Lang
118. Fantasia for Two Marimbas; Michael Lang
119. Doubles; Tom Gauger
120. Sonatina for Marimba, Four Hands; Karl Kohn
121. For Mallets (2 players); Raymond Wilding-White
122. Gypsy Festival; Scott Meister
123. Mallet for Classic; Siegfried Fink

Misc. Duets for Sight Reading – 14 Titles: $35
(2 copies of everything)
1. Melody Duets; C.C. Cori
2. Duets for Clarinets; Elton Burgstahler
3. Duets are Fun; arr. by Don Schaeffer
4. The New Sound of pop, jazz, swing, rock; Sid Cooper
5. Duets for All; Albert Stoutamire and Kenneth Henderson
6. Miniature Classics; Sigmund Hering
7. More Miniature Classics; Sigmund Hering
8. Rock and Rag Duets; Herb Gardner
9. Jazz for Seniors; Carl Poole
10. Dick Hyman¡Çs Modern Jazz Duets
11. 44 Violin Duets; Bela Bartok (4 copies)
12. Selected Duets for Flute, Vol. 2; compiled by H. Voxman
13. Six Little duets; Pleyel
14. Sonata for 2 violins; Telemann

Percussion Ensembles – 97 Titles: $250
1. Scherzoid II; James Moore
2. Trio for Percussion; William Kraft
3. Ragtime Renegades; Jared Spears
4. Etude for percussion ensemble; Bent Lylloff
5. Two Studies for percussion trio; Siefried Fink
6. Six easy percussion trios; Hermann Regner
7. Percussion music for three players; Gerald Strang
8. Three Dance Movements; William Russell (w/ piano)
9. Kodaly trios
10. The Music Box; Scott Meister
11. Contrapunctus III; Emery Alford
12. Bach Beethoven Brahms; Farberman V. 1-3
13. Trios for All; Kenneth Henderson and Albert Stoutamire
14. Crab-Canon; Lewis Songer
15. Dance of Black-Haird Mountain Storm; Hovhaness [flute & 3 perc]
16. Amores for piano and percussion; John Cage [prepared piano & 3 perc]
17. The Orchestral Series; Cirone
i. ¡È Mallet Player
ii. ¡È Snare Drummer
iii. ¡È Timpanist
iv. ¡È Score
18. Popular solos for the young bandsman V. 1-2
19. Kaleidoscope; Donald Miller
20. Percussion Music; Michael Colgrass
21. Three pieces for percussion quartet; Warren Benson
22. Dance Patterns; Saul Goodman
23. Prelude for 4 marimbas; Stanley Leonard
24. Music for mallets; Wayne Duesterbeck
25. Kaiser Quartet
26. Hungarian Dance #5
27. Titus Overture
28. Music for Mallet percussion ensemble
29. Prelude and Fugue; Charles Wuorinen
30. Quaternion; Ron Delp
31. Marimba Ensemble Folio; Cornelia Luscomb
32. Drum Ensembles for all occasions: Schinstine and Hoey
33. Chief Judge; Jay Collins
34. To Dawn; Carter Thomas
35. Pattern Percussion; Thomas Brown
36. Quartet for Percussion; Schinstine
37. Rhythm Busters; Schinstine
38. Ornithological Suite
39. First Quartet; Mervin Britton
40. D??±j??¢ vu; Colgrass [perc quartet and orc]
41. Prelude and allegro; Volz
42. Bacchanale; Hovhaness
43. Baja; Dick Schory
44. Contrarhythmic Ostenato; Cole Iverson
45. Fantastic Dance No. 1; Shostakovitch, arr. by Leach
46. Fascinating Rhythm; arr. by Saul Feldstein
47. Project percussion; David Kozinski
48. Quintession; Danys Jemison
49. Statement for percussion; Matthew Hopkins
50. What?; Rauschenberg
51. Breeze-Easy Percussion ensembles; Feldstein
52. Impact; Norman Ward
53. Alegre Muchacho; Alan Abel
54. Bossa Novacaine; Davis
55. Concussion!; Tobias
56. Five Miniatures; William McCauley
57. Fragments; Farberman
58. Judgment; Vore
59. Lament; Farberman
60. Latin Ostinato; Farberman
61. Laura Soave; Siefried Fink
62. March of the toys; Bobby Christian
63. Night Music; Robert Starer
64. Oriental mambo; Davis
65. Percussion Sleigh Ride; Farberman
66. Phonetiks; Delp
67. Poem for percussion; Christian
68. Pupet on a string; Gold, arr. by Farberman
69. Retrograde Waltz; Farberman
70. Rhythm and colors; Farago
71. Sextet; Siwe
72. Sounds in the night; Soler
73. Spain; Farberman
74. Take-Off; Farberman
75. Tango d¡ÇOriental; Tobias
76. 3 + 2; Farberman
77. Toccata; Chavez
78. Two for Six; Davis
79. Variations on a Four Note Theme; Feldstein
80. Waltz Rondo; Farberman
81. Waltz for Swingers; Davis
82. A Witness for my Lord; Tobias
83. Woodland Drive; Schinstine
84. Ceremonial; Paul Creston + piano
85. Encore in Jazz; Firth
86. A Taste of Brahms; Davis
87. Streams; Benson
88. Flat Baroque; Davis
89. El races de la Camptown; Davis
90. Rolling Progress; Thamm
91. Roll-Off Rumba; Firth
92. Rondo for Percussion; Gilbert
93. Musica Battuta; Schiffman
94. Jazz Variants; Beck
95. Panda Pause; Davis
96. Cataphonics (10 players); Weiner
97. Introduction and Allegro (11 players); Schory

General Music/Percussion Resources – 9 Titles: $25
1. Musical Instruments of the World; mng. ed. Ruth Midgley
2. Percussion Work Book; compiled by Maggie Cotton
3. PAS Solo & Ensemble Literature for Percussion, 1978 edition
4. Dictionary of Percussion Terms; Lang/Spivack
5. A Percussionist¡Çs Guide to Orchestral Excerpts; Vincent
6. The International Percussion Reference Library Arizona State U., 1972 edition
7. Orchestral Percussion Technique; James Blades
8. DEAGAN The Mallet Percussions and How To Use Them; Wallace Barnett
9. The Rhythmic Structure of Music; Cooper/Meyer


Vintage Instruments For Sale In KC

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1. Vintage Musser Professional 4-octave Rosewood Concert Marimba: $3,000.00

2. Late-60s Vintage Musser M50 Professional Rosewood Xylophone with Custom High-C#: $2,0000

3. RARE Vintage Pair of Ludwig Portable Orchestral Timpani(Tympani): $1,000, OBO

4. Stunning Noble & Cooley 7 x 14 1-piece Maple Snare: $500.00

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