New Album by Brett Deptula – marimbist, percussionist, composer

Percussionist Brett Deptula shows his many different colors on his new album “PORTAL”. The album is a collection of nine works that explores many different genres and instrumentations, but the common thread throughout the album is Brett’s interest in percussion and groove oriented music. On “PORTAL” Brett not only composed the 9 pieces but he also did all of the performing, recording, and other elements of creating the album. There are some marimba featured tunes like the solo marimba piece “Twyla” and the experimental loop jam “Projection Room”. But he also uses the marimba in new and unexplored ways on the songs like “Outside the Lines” , “Open Wide” and “Pull Me Out”. The album title is “PORTAL” and the album really acts as one, taking you right into the musical imagination of this percussionist while also leaving space for you to be taken to other new areas through these musical compositions.

Bassist Zach Abramson of Urban Sun and Mighty Five is featured on the track “Cross Rip Lightship”.

[url=]”PORTAL” by Brett Deptula – marimbist, percussionist, composer[/url]

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