Leigh Howard Stevens High School Summer Marimba Seminar/Texas

An intensive 5-day marimba camp led by world-reknowned Leigh Howard Stevens.

Sessions will focus on technique, repertoire and musicality. Students will be introduced to all major grips?traditional, Burton, Musser, Stevens?with an intensive study of Stevens technique (stroke types, mechanics of movement, shifting, interval changing, one-handed rolls). Minimum of 16.5 hours face time with Leigh Stevens!

Sessions will also address topics such as the history of the marimba, bar acoustics, solo literature, theory and practice techniques.

Featured activities include a concert by Leigh Howard Stevens, percussion field trip, ensembles (small, medium, large and mass ensemble), and a closing solo and ensemble concert.

For more information, go to: http://www.planopercussion.org/planopercsite/lhsseminar.html#gen

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