Facebook group for All Marimba Players

Hello to all Members,
I am the founder of the Marimba Player‘s group on facebook. Please let me post a few words to you…

Thank you for joining „All Marimba Players“ Group on facebook. I am very happy to see a lot of marimba players worldwide.

In the following lines I post some things you can do to grow up the facebook Marimba community.


What the Members should do…

1. Post all Events you know regarding Marimba Playing around the globe. (Concerts, Festivals, Courses and Masterclasses, Competitions and so on…)

2. Upload Fotos and Videos from you playing your instrument in concert or while practicing

3. Discuss with others about interesting themes.
(CD Releases, Concerts, Repertoire, Competitions and Masterclasses, Music Scores and compositions, Manufacturers and building Marimbas and everything else related to Marimba.

4. MAKE PROMOTION for “All Marimba Players” with your friends and collegues to grow this group.


Thank you once more for joining „All Marimba Players“ on facebook.

Warmest regards from Salzburg

All Marimba Players who would liko to apply for the Masterclass in Salzburg (July 2010) with Prof. Peter Sadlo and Prof. Bogdan Bacanu – please get in contact with us via email and we will let you know how the application process works easy.
email: classicconcert@me.com
click also the “Events” button at “All Marimba Players”


Advertising from Classic Concert Music Group:

If someone is interested in Marimba CDs please visit http://www.cd-distributor.com.
Buy a Marimba CD and get 5 Euro Discount using the Voucher code “facebook”.

If you have any questions please get in contact with classicconcert@me.com

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Re:spam fest

I have disabled non-subscriber post as of May 5 noon GMT. So, let me know if you still receive them.

Also, I have been filtering out about 90% of spam post which was posted to marimba-ebbs even before that.

Having said that, there is nothing that I can do to the spammer putting marimba-ebbs as the from address to spam you. It has nothing to do with this server, and it is not something that I can control.

I would also like you to know that the site is not infiltrated nor used as a bot.

It is just another common spam attack.


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Re:spam fest

This is a mailling list, such that anyone can actually send off emails…
It was set like that to allow new comers to the BBS can post message there and the message is to be delivered. I suppose I have to stop that. I have just changed the setting of the mailing list so that only subscribers can send the message.

Having said that, you getting mails to the address not listed in this email list is nothing to do with the above. As you know, it is extremely easy to forge the mail header that anyone can actually use anyone’s mail address to send a mail.

If you can send me the actual sample as an attachment, I can try to figure out what is going on.


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spam fest

i have been getting spammed about 20 times a day at least from this site about viagra etc. to my gmail account (but not my netzero account that is listed here).

all the messages are going through marimba-ebbs. surely i am not the only one. the site has been infiltrated and being used as a bot (or whatever … i am not a tech head.)


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Re:strings that hold the bars

There are a variety of options for marimba bar cord. Some prefer a softer cotton cord for less bar noise, some prefer a more durable nylon cord, and some use cord with a nylon or even wire core covered with a softer cotton sheath. The marimba manufacturers will sell bar cord at a high mark-up or you can purchase in bulk. One common version is parachute cord, available from military surplus stores. I recommend the kind that has seven internal strands, covered with a braided sheath. Also see www.cheaperthandirt.com — they have 100-, 300-, or 1000-foot spools in black or colors.


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